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Meet the team


Joy L. Johnson, Psy.D.

Co-Executive Director | Clinical Psychologist
"Creating the Safe Space that Eden has become is one of my proudest lifetime achievements. I have worked as a therapist supporting people from “all walks of life” since 2005. Providing a space of authenticity and belonging for people of diverse backgrounds and experiences has always been my dream. I began creating that space with my private practice in 2018. In 2019, I joined Eden to further co-create and grow that safe space – expanding the number of lives touched and training and supporting future clinicians to carry on the legacy of a space where everyone belongs."

Carolynn Gray, Psy.D.

Co-Executive Director | Clinical Psychologist
“I am beyond proud to be a part of Eden's leadership team. I have been in non-profit mental health leadership for more than a decade, though I started my professional training in 2007. I am dedicated to making quality mental health care accessible to all. My expertise lies in child and family therapy, with a focus on neurodivergence, including ADHD and Autism. I am passionate about transparency, collaboration, and fostering a safe space for growth and healing.”
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Marilyn Eakin

Resource & Development Manager
“As Case Manager at Eden, I have the privilege of sharing additional resources for Eden therapists and their clients. My primary focus is youth and their families, and I bring a wealth of personal experience, perseverance, and resourcefulness as an advocate for my own family. Using over three decades of project management and administration experience, I can focus on where I can best help. I'm passionate about parent support and creative, personalized systems and solutions. Everyone deserves strengths-based and affirming care, and I use my skills and imagination to generate it in the world.”

Arielle Webb, Psy.D

Clinical Training Coordinator & Lead Staff Therapist
“I have been a proud member of Eden's leadership team, providing therapy, as well as supervision, training, and education that supports the development of our clinicians. I started my professional training in 2012. My expertise is working with mood-, co-occurring (dual diagnosis), and trauma-related issues with a specialized focus on working with LGBTQIA+ folx. I work within a trauma-informed, person-centered, and social justice framework. I believe every client brings their own unique wisdom and strength to the work we do and much of my work is to support and empower my clients in accessing their own innate wisdom, value, and strength.”

Eleanor Beckman, AMFT

School-Based Services Coordinator & Staff Therapist
“I am a Staff Clinician and also serve as the School Based Services Coordinator for Eden's partnership with CVUSD. I use insight-oriented approaches to help my clients learn about what makes them tick, and to help them in setting goals and making changes in their lives. I work with clients throughout the lifespan, from children and teens to young/middle/older adults, as well as with families.“

Lauren Kelly, AMFT, APCC

Lead Staff Therapist - Early Childhood & Head Start
“I’m a therapist dedicated to meeting you where you’re at in life - whether that’s helping you express yourself or finding what motivates you to move forward. My work focuses on supporting you to improve self-awareness, understand past patterns, and learn new, healthier ways of engaging with others. I believe healing, growth, and change are lifelong practices that require time, space, patience, and self-compassion for transformation. I am passionate about creating a warm, non-judgmental, and caring environment that supports you in achieving the change you desire.”

Meet the team

Clinic Team

Veronica Esposito, AMFT

Staff Therapist
“After many years working professionally with art and literature, I discovered a deep love of supporting others through therapy, and I am now grateful to help my clients heal, grow, connect, and most of all be themselves. It’s extremely important to me that all of my clients feel safe and validated, and that we work collaboratively toward your goals. I have served the LGBTQ+ community for over 5 years in mental health support, and I also have specialized knowledge in overcoming trauma, improving relationships and communication, and supporting couples and families.”

Meet the team

Graduate Trainees

Emily Shults

Graduate Trainee
“I am thrilled to be part of Eden's Team as a practicum trainee from the Wright Institute! I am passionate about offering individualized, culturally sensitive care to support clients in fostering resilience, self-growth, and meaningful relationships with others. I primarily work with children, adolescents, and adults and provide services in English and Spanish. In therapy, I adopt a warm, collaborative, and strength-based approach to help clients work through their struggles and meet their goals. “